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Holding Absence

T.N.A.O.S.D - Deluxe Edition Boxset (White & Gold Marble)

T.N.A.O.S.D - Deluxe Edition Boxset (White & Gold Marble)

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The Noble Art Of Self Destruction Deluxe Edition Boxset (White & Gold Marble)

8 Page 12” Booklet
Deluxe Edition Kintsugi Gatefold
White & Gold Marble Vinyl
4x Art Card
7” Kintsugi Vinyl


1. Head Prison Blues
2. A Crooked Melody
3. False Dawn
4. Scissors
5. Honey Moon
6. Death, Nonetheless
7. Her Wings
8. These New Dreams
9. Liminal
10. The Angel In The Marble

*Please Note* - This is a pre-order item. Album release date is August 25th 2023. If purchased with a non pre-order item, all items will be held until ready to ship. This item will ship for delivery on August 25th 2023.

*Please Note* - Actual final printed colour may differ from the image.

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